Play Spiderman Games Online

Spiderman Waggle Game
Spiderman Waggle Waggle. Play this one by helping him reach his destination. He has to climb from web to web. Make him swing so he won't fall down. It is one mind-boggling game of Spiderman that requires lots of timing and precision.
Spiderman 3 Game
Spiderman 3 Game. Time to test your swinging skills. Play it and rescue Mary Jane by going between the obstacles in each level. Avoid all the foes and bullets while you are swinging between those buildings on your way to the finish line.
Spiderman Underoos Game
Underoos Online Game. Spiderman is traveling the city using his webs while he tries to collect as many boxer shorts and T-shirts as he can. Here, he'll need his swinging abilities to reach the end of a given stage on his path to the next one.
Bendy Spidey Game
Bendy Spidey Game. Help Spiderman to swing across the city. He's at the top of the buildings, over air. Play the game for helping him to direct his webs to the right targets - in order to move from one spot to other and suspended on his web.
Spiderman Photo Hunt Game
Spiderman Photo Hunt. You won't be the hero in this one. Instead, you would be a reporter trying to take great photos. Play this interesting game by trying to get awesome pictures of the hero, so they might appear in Daily Bugle's front page.
Spiderman Kiss Online Game
Spiderman Kiss Online. In this unique game you help him to kiss the love of his life. He shouldn't be trapped by the villains and have to escape. Your goal is to fill up the kiss loader with many kisses so you can advance to the other levels.
Spiderman Bloody Rage Game
The Bloody Rage Here's a Spiderman game for players who like the fighting ones - they would surely love to try its challenging areas. The game requires to stay focused. You'll need to be so quick and to play it by following some strategy.
Spiderman Run Hero Game
Run Hero Game. Try a very surprising game featuring Batman, Superman, Hulk, Mario. In this adventure he won't fight to eliminate bad enemies. Now, he's gonna run away from the other heroes, they're his enemies...just run as fast as possible.
Spiderman Jump Game
Spiderman Jump Game. The city has been taken by terrorists. It's a Spiderman game for taking 'em all out. The enemies are dangerous, armed and shooting at him. You must shoot them back by using his webs to destroy all bad guys quickly.
Doc Ock Rampage
Doc Ock Rampage Play a very unusual game wherein you are evil Doc Ock and your job is to destroy New York. You'll fight against the police men and they're out to stop you. Destroy 'em to complete successfully your mission of this game.
Spiderman Dark Side
Spiderman Dark Side. The superhero has been taken over by his darker side, and he needs you. To reach the game goals and win, Spiderman has to shoot his web to those pink figures, or to the platforms to keep him from falling down.
Spiderman City Raid
Spiderman City Raid. He has to swing around in this fun game too. You need to travel the city suspended on the air and above the buildings. Get to the following one by shooting webs for holding him on the air while swinging through all them.
Spiderman Memory Match
Spiderman Memory Match. A game that was made for testing your memory. Your work is to find 2 identical pictures on a deck of cards. Locate those pairs, before time is over to win. Play choosing easy, medium or hard level of difficulty.
Spiderman 2 Web Words
The Web Words. This online game of Spiderman should be ideal for all school kids and to learn new words. This time, you have to fill the missing letters on a given word or make other words using all 'em. It's an educational spelling game.
Spiderman Dressup Game
Spiderman Dress Up Game. Here's a curious mission for Spidey. Fire up your imagination, make him wear outrageous clothes. Aside from his regular blue and red costume, he is interested on trying new things. Highly recommended to fans.
Free Run Game
Free Run Game. Time to practice your skills. Test your reflexes and move like a super hero. Climb buildings, run as fast as possible and jump obstacles. Maybe at the end of the game, your character will learn to jump as Spiderman himself.
Spiderman Sketches Game
Spiderman Sketches Game Actually, it is a funny animation, an hilarious video that would surely leave you laughing off the chair. Spiderman will expose his naughty side. Enjoy this crazy caricature featuring the hero in a spoof situation.
Spiderman Episode 1 Game
Episode 1 Game. Watch this enjoyable cartoon clip that shows the abilities and super powers of our favorite hero. It's a side-splitting video game of Spiderman where he fights strange rivals. Discover another side of him in this fun animation.
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