Spiderman Dark Side

The superhero is taken over by his dark side and he's wearing the black suit instead of the usual red and blue. Play finding his way to the end of levels. Have in mind that in Spiderman Dark Side he can't walk and move properly. So, you wish to be an anti-hero? Well, this game will do it for you. You're gonna wear not the regular blue and red suit of but his all-black, dark costume.

The look is the one that Spiderman wore when he was taken over by his intense desire for revenge. Everybody has a dark side and this free game called Spiderman Dark Side will help get it out from you - but in a good way. There's a big adventure waiting for you in this crazy game online. You've got to play swinging yourself to the end of the game using only Spiderman's web power.

Shoot the web to wherever you want it to reach. Be sure it reaches the mark or you're going to fall down. Time your moves and make confident that you've got everything right. Timing is a crucial element for playing this free game of Spiderman. You have to be at the right spot at the right time so you can move forward accurately. Sometimes, you get trapped by your own doings.

It's already given that our superhero is hard to control in this game. To counter that, you need to use all of your powers in making sure that he gets to the finish line. Ready? Then let's get on with it! Help him shooting his webs towards the platform or the stars so they propel him to the next podium. You must maintain him away from the ground or the Spiderman online game would be over.

The mind-blowing Spiderman Dark Side is a cool timed game and the amount of time you keep him from falling is your score. To do that, you should play helping him shooting the web towards anything solid, like the colored stars or the platform from where he's standing that is controlled by pointing and clicking the mouse on the object where you want the super hero shooting his web.

Just be careful because, in Spiderman Dark Side game, he feels a little off. He can not shoot at his target accurately if it's too far away from him. Play by shooting at all stars which allow him to be propelled higher. The platform can't give him as much force as the stars can. When the hero falls down, the free game is over. Take him as far as you possible in order to clear the level.

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