Spiderman Memory Match

This game tests your recall ability. You play with several pieces of cards that will be placed face down on your game screen. Your job is to find all pairs. Each picture under any card corresponds to a same one hidden somewhere in the deck. To play and win just discover every pair. It's a timed Spiderman game, play it using the mouse to expose the images under the card.

Open 2 cards having the similar pictures one after the other for them to count. In this Spiderman online game once the pairs are opened, they would remain face-up on the table. If you open two of them that don't match, they'll back to the face-down position. How good are you at remembering things? If you think you're really good, go to the hardest levels and play them immediately.

The other stages of Spiderman Memory Match will be a no match for you if you possess such a photographic memory. If not, you can always start at the beginning and try the easy stuff first. Wait until you become a great Spiderman memory player to take on the hardest tests. Save the day in a whole new way. Spiderman doesn't have to be engaged in battles all the time.

Spiderman is not just a hero with spectacular skills he also has a sharp intellect. And in this memory game, you can further prove that he is indeed one extraordinary man. So if you want to be like him, you've got to be as sharp as him. You need to have a great memory and superb mental skills. The gray matters in your brain should work around the clock to be a powerful superhero.

Play the game as your first step to get straight into the top of the ranks the elite ranks that only the ones with superhero status can reach. Everyone can be like Spiderman. He just has to possess the necessary skills for the job. Keep trying until you get all the cards opened. When all of those pairs are found, you win. However, you must play doing so within the span of time allowed.

If you fail, the game is over and you have to restart. Play Spiderman Memory Match for free on its three modes: easy, medium, and hard. Choose the category that best describes your skill. The easy level of this online game of Spiderman is composed of 10 cards with a time limit of 60 seconds. Medium has 14 and a game of 50 seconds. Hard consists of 20 card and fifty seconds.

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